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About Windy Hill Park

Windy Hill Park will provide a space that is centrally located in the wedge between Edmondson Pike, Wilson Pike, Church Street, and Concord Road. This land provides the opportunity to create an accessible park for thousands of Brentwood residents in the northern section of the city where there is currently a shortage of park space. With many established neighborhoods abutting this land, Windy Hill Park is also positioned to become one of northern Brentwood’s most prominent features and a hub for those who live in the surrounding area. A thoughtfully designed park that connects to current and future trail systems would also create unique opportunities for community gathering spaces and better connect surrounding neighborhoods. Another benefit of this park would be paved, ADA-accessible trails that provide improved access to and enjoyment of the pastoral environment that has always made Brentwood an incredible place to live. This new park will allow all residents, regardless of age or ability, to experience this idyllic landscape preserved within the heart of surrounding development.

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